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Self Publishing

We pride ourselves as being one of the top self-publishers in the world and have helped many authors make their book a huge success.

Some of the books we have helped published have become bestsellers, others have been accepted by large publishing houses worldwide for reprint and translation rights.
There is no reason why your book, with the correct professional production process and marketing cannot be a success as well.

Most potential authors feel overwhelmed by the prospect of publishing their own book, as they feel that it is too involved and expensive a process.

However, they are often pleasantly surprised at how easy it is, as well as how reasonable the cost is.

If you are considering self-publishing, let us help you produce and print a quality book and show you how to market it to the world.
Not only do we have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, but we also have the experience to back it up.

So, if you are looking for a professional and caring organization to publish your book, an organization that is cost effective, reliable and will produce a quality product you can be proud of, then we may be your answer.

We can proudly say that we know the African market. This is an advantage for African authors, as we know the best way to get their book recognised both locally and worldwide.

So take control of your book’s destiny and self-publish. If you have the will, we have the way.

It is difficult to get an exact price to self-publish a manuscript without first seeing it or having the book specifications on hand. Please contact us us in order to give us these specifications. We will then reply with a quote.

On receiving your manuscript, our professional team will get to work. We will register your book in your name with the State Library.
We will obtain an ISBN number and convert it to an EAN barcode for your book.
We will carefully select a suitable editor from our pool of editing professionals to edit your type of book.
We will create the perfect cover and back page for your book.
We will also lay your book out to international standards.
We will send you an electronic copy of your finished book.
You can use it for e-books, future printing purposes, marketing or submissions to potential publishers and distributors.
We will print as many/or few copies of your book that you need.

We will upload your book as an e-book to feature on some of the top online bookstores in the country. These include: Kalahari.co.za mybooks.co.za Exclusive Books