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We are a multimedia driven company, focusing mainly onto advertising and communication sector, self-publishing of aspiring authors and scriptwriters and high densified business network.

Our magazines

Mine Mag – clients –mining areas and companies
Cornerstone Mag – Clientele church organisation
Populationanalysis80%(professing to be Christian total of 44.8 million or 79.8%)
Afroworld mag–Multicultural diversified communities of South African society beliefs firm in culture and traditional practices.

Phalanews – Mine news

The Young ’n Bold magazine – (They outh of South Africa half of the country is under 34 years old and 72% of this country is youth)

TheMirrors – (SMME’s are key to job creation and also globally known to be the mechanism to generate new jobs in society, globally over 95% of enterprises are SMME’s which employs 60‐70% of the working population)

Focusing on a diversity cultural communities cut across South Africa. So we will advertise your business or projects according to your cultural dimensions and diversities on our community newspaper. It is an adverse news telegraph, focussing on issues that affect the mining industrial communities – eg. the platinum mining area, the diamond mining area. This platform allows us to discuss focus points about this sectors and the challenge they facing as a community. As well as the disadvantages it comes with. Also the difficulties that its communities experience. Ours is to bring this two insuperable environments together and form a mutual network. Any requirements for advertising at this platform is a milestone. Business to business network post print this platform is a means to say come lets reason together.
SMME’s have a full support programme.

Advertising and promotion programme at a vast low low price. Advise on how to run your business into a success.

Narrate your business plan and profile your goals and endeavours. Challenges and needs in this regards we form part of your business engagements to launch a future big brand and life sustainability.

Media network

Internet support = advertising
Radio media publication – We have our own digital radio project
Print media – We have our own cover prints
Magazines – 6 types
1.Mine mag
2.Christian Mag
3.Youth mag
4.Cultural mag
5.Business 2 Business Booklet
6.Mines Newspaper

We have all a B2B booklet for SMME’s advantages


Event planning on your projects Business profiles B. cards and means of communication Marketing planning and business directives leads digital marketing support and training Business planning and support raining skills & SMME’s training (Basic skills)