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Lefika e-Studio

Lefika e-Studio was established to introduce New Branding Trends & Marketing Technology to the Branding Market.

Our Services & Products stand out in their own league. houses high-end graphic designers who are able to create designs from Retro-Classic to Modern High Tech feels. What inspires us on a daily basis is the reaction we get from our clients when we deliver jobs. There is no better motivation. We look to bring about a revolution to the everyday Branding and Marketing Strategies.

All designs and strategies have a link that makes them similar in their differences, a common ground we are excluded from. Lefika e-Studio introduces our clients to New branding and marketing frontiers.
We guarantee customer satisfaction revolutionary time frames. Jobs that are delivered a day earlier than expected always please clients, our Studio works relentlessly to beat deadlines and have a 95% success rate thus far. We are maximising on the technological evolution that occurs daily.

Our scouts are always up to date with New Tech, and our designers will always create incredible uses for them. If you are looking to have your Brand catapulted to the future, then Lefika e-Studio is the shortest route there is, we are already in the future while others wait for it. We are weaving the design trends that will work for your corporate. Lefika e-Studio collects brilliant minds and nurture their artistic sides into reality. We understand, completely, that the team is reason we have built our brand, that is the reason we have built a flawless team with impressive and diverse design skills. All studio team members are self-driven towards their own growth through the experiences they are privileged to get at Lefika e-Studio. What you imagine for your brand, our creates.

We take up new challenges and work towards surpassing all our milestones. All work is generated inhouse and all projects are closely monitored inorder that the best quality of our work is delivered to our clients. We do not compromise on building our portfolio to the highest standards achievable.

All the services that are offered at are in-house services and products. We have quality standards and seek to continue growing our quality reputation significantly with every opportunity that is awarded to us. Trust us to deliver the best products and services to you. Our management team ensures client satisfaction and we have not gone wrong thus far.

To continuously keep our clients ahead of the rest of the business market in terms of marketing and design visual appearance.
To create phenomenal brands of distinguished caliber and style.

·Integrity ·Quality Production ·Responsibility ·Authenticity