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Welcome to Lefika Media company

Over the years, it has become more evident that the mining community needs a voice and have access to information, we are here to fill that void. Miners in the mining industry are a forgotten segment of our society, albiet a very important one. We felt that by providing an online radio and an exclusive mining magazine dedicated to the miners and their communities will allow us to reach an audience that will appreciate the information at their fingertips. There isn't such a media company that provides both and dedicated to this market.

We have mining experience and it is for this reason, why we have launched this radio station and magazine ... it is well needed.

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-About us

Our aim is to become one of the leading media companies aimed at the miners and their communities in the Northern Cape and furthering our footprint into the national arena.

Customer/Market Satisfaction
- Consider the customer, the miners and their families in all we do
- Exceed the expectations of internal and external customers - surprise and delight them
- Do what's right for the miners, our sponsors and our clients
- Talk and act with the miners and their families in mind
- Build long-term relationships

Our passion is to expanded in the community by building and skills transfer. This is based on quality, service and a commitment to supporting our clients in professional but always friendly way.

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-The Founder

Simon Modikeng Lekau is very passionate about life changing programs around his community and the African continent, hence forth he established this brand and embarked on making sure it makes a huge difference in many ways. At a very young age Simon had a dream of something great in life. He always dreamt of becoming one of the most celebrated business men the world has ever seen. In 2005 after the Diamond company an international renowned brand closed its doors, Mr. Lekau took a stand to start his first small business, trading mainly in educational materials and all kinds of business and school furnitures. At the same time he enrolled into a private business college to study a business management diploma.

In 2010 Simon Lekau structured his potential and capacity by setting up around 37 sub-divisions for KMM brand and named each company and registered it independently. So each as the managing director for that brand. That makes Simon Lekau the owner. 100% shareholder off all companies and entitle him to be the president and group CEO of all these companies under the umbrella of the SML Africa holdings group.

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-What we do

Lefika Radio:
An online radio dedicated to the miners and their families.
We will be playing music for the miners, talking about hard topics regarding miners and the industry, plus taking requests, speaking to the miners and a whole lot more.

Lefika Magazine:
Hard copy A4 glossy magazine dedicated to the community of the miners and their families
First magazine is a 32 page edition with information, stories, adverts, jobs, training and much more.

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home Location: Kimberley
tel 086 561 0410
tel 072 846 7709
Facebook: lefikamedia
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