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Banners are the ideal branding for the office, indoor and outdoor. Banners are also used for branding in exhibitions, road signs and many more. We understand the relevance of banners when we design and print them. Lefika e-Studio standards are unquestionable and quite reasonable.

We design and print the following banners:
Pull Up banners
X-frame banners
Lantern banners
Street Lamp banners
Wall/Media banners
Backdrop banners
Curved banners
Tripod banners
Rotating banners
Banting / Washline banners
Hanging banners
Suspended circular banners, etc.

Whichever banner you need, Lefika e-Studio will deliver the best quality to you. Banners are ideal for permanent or temporal use. They are used at Exhibitions, Conferences, Road shows, Product launch, Seminars, Trade Shows, etc.
These are mostly mounted on temporal basis.

All the banners we supply are self-mounted, though we are able to mount them for our clients when we are requested. Lefika e-Studio will not let you down. We also develop customised banners for our clients, flexible design is perfect for various applications and purposes.

Our ability to customise brands mean we do not compromise the final product quality.

Lefika e-Studio designers are able to go on site, look at the area the client wants to mount the banner at and design the best suitable banner for application, yet being attractive to look at.