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3D/4D Design

Lefika e-Studio offers services that are exclusive to Lefika e-Studio alone. Amongst these exclusive services, we offer our clients 3D/4D design and concept development. We create designs from briefs held between the client and the studio’s creative director and a designer assigned to head the project in the studio.

The job specifications are detailed to the design team by the client at preferred intervals which allow the client to access an update of the job status. Projections of the job processes and time frames may be stated to the client after the briefing when the team has been consulted and jobs allocated to the rightful departments.

3D/4D designs and concepts are a specialised department and require our main developer and designer to head them. This shortens the time frames greatly for the client as there are not many individuals involved in the completion of such and related products.

3D/4D is inclusive of:
– The creation of architectural structures from floor plans,
– Creation of architectural structures from briefings,
– Product design,
– Logo animation,
– Commercial container concepts,
– Building complexes,
– Mall designs,
– Residential park design,
– Augmented reality,
– Virtual reality, and many more projects not listed.